Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Waking Up To Major Problems For Doc

If the Husker basketball season ahead doesn't go any better than it did in my dream last night, Doc Sadler is in big trouble.

Dreams, of course, are the absolute strangest! They are often the unconscious manifestation of the old saying: "it seemed like a good idea at the time."

In this one, it was perfectly plausible that I would actually be playing in a game for the Big Red instead of broadcasting it on the radio.

Nothing unusual about a 60 year old on the floor with four traditional-aged college teammates. And I was a starter, to boot!

However, in this particular contest, I was struggling. To those of you wondering who might replace A.E. as the object of Doc's frustrations next year, let me introduce myself to you. In one sequence, Doc was so angry with my inability to throw a successful pass, he not only jerked me from the game, but sent me to the opposite side of the court to watch from the stands.

It was there that I was told to sit for the rest of the first half. Plus, I was not allowed to join the team in the locker room at halftime. I was instructed to stay put.

When my teammates came back out, I was invited back to the other side of the court and informed that I would be starting the second half. Problem was, I couldn't find a way to get across the floor. There was no physical access to get there. I tried but couldn't find a way.

I was in a panic. My chances of leading the team in scoring, making All-Big-12, etc. were slipping away. If I could just get back to the team, things would be fine. Doc was not giving up on me. He wanted me back on the floor. He needed me to win the game.

But, alas, I could't find a way from one side of the Devaney center to the other.

Then came the crusher: I woke up.

For me it was a bad dream. For Doc, call it a nightmare.

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